About Us

Industrial Hardware field with new perspective , fresh design, advancing concept to build TANJA brand, which is committed to the development and production of industrial hardware. Creating a new generation of industrial hardware and intelligent factory

Through continuous innovation,TANJA researches more innovative, more secure, more comfortable and applied hardware fittings.The new hardwares are applicable to every field. We strive each product to be unique, we strive to make products more outstanding.We continue to expand Hardware product family to established professional non-standard industrial hardware.

Product Development

TANJA regards product development and design as the most important step. The company is based on industrial field to design the hardware with the most novel appearance,the latest scientific&technological material and in line with Human engineering. We have powerful research and development capabilities to keep our products at the leading in the field.

With the growth of customized requirements,we also offer various kinds of special model customization and technical solutions. TANJA can meet your non-standard needs quickly and economically bases on the professional accumulation in manufacturing industrial. This is your exclusive standard parts library.

Quality Policy
1. Use of materials: TANJA regards the latest environmental requirements as the primary standard in its operations, ensuring that each product meets ROHS standards and provides customers with inspection certificates and related services. Commitment to all products are raw material production, can provide a list of all raw materials and inspection reports.
In accordance with the EU ROHS Directive (ROHS designation: Restriction of the use ofcertain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment). Refers to the EU (EU) implementation of hazardous substances control. The ROHS is executed from July 1, 2006 which indicated that in the EU scope, with a few exceptions, electrical and electronic equipment products are prohibited the use of specific hazardous substances.
2. Production control: We develop production and processing processes for each part, control each production detail, and ensure product quality.
3. Quality inspection: TANJA laboratory has the instrument and equipment for tensile testing, salt spray test, projection side face, reciprocating motion test Etc. For new products, we can get the test data via endurance experiments and destructive experiments.It is beneficial to control the quality of daily product accessories. quality. Making sure customers get the high quality products.
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